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NST - Neurostructure Integration Technique

Using highly specialized soft-tissue manipulation, NST is able to reset muscle tension in the body resulting in safe and natural re-balancing your body, mind and soul.

Clinical research has confirmed that even in chronic cases 90% of people who experienced NST report a positive outcome.

Effects can be clearly visible from the first treatment.
NST, well known as an Advanced Bowen Therapy & Spinal Integration, is one of the most versatile and very effective treatments offering significant relief for many conditions.

NST is highly effective to:

Duration: 75 minutes
Initial appointment £60   £45

Offer valid only from 1st - 31st July 2018 inclusive. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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NST has given me my life back

NST has released so much tension from my muscles. I’ve definitely noticed a benefit on my yoga practice, with more length and flexibility in my stretches. My neck and shoulder pain has gone completely

saw Beata for 3 NST treatments for sciatica (at night) and tennis elbow. The sciatica has not returned and the elbow is much improved.

I sleep better and I feel good!

I’m definitely calmer and happier than 2 months ago

NST transformed me from an anxious, depressed, lost person to joyfulness.  The results are almost instant.  I saw immediate improvements after the first session, and during my second I re-discovered laughter, true childlike laughter /…/ I have tried different therapies in the past /…/ but none compare to the miraculous results of NST with Beata. I fully trust that I am in safe, caring, expert hands. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back more than I realized I had lost.  Thank you, Kelly.

I felt depressed and anxious. I couldn’t work. I didn’t want to go out with my friends. NST saved my life! I’ve back to work and I enjoy my social life again. Thank you!

My daughter is a nervous child who lacks in confidence. She has had a tough childhood living between divorced parents witnessing massive volatility and no co-parenting.  You can sense how tied up she is, how much she struggles. She often shows bouts of anger that is very painful to watch. I took her to Beata and after her first session I saw changes. She was immediately more opened even before we walked out the door. You could see an immediate glow in her face. I could feel the release of tension from my daughter after seeing Beata /…/

Beata was first recommended to me when my 11 year old son was experiencing sleep difficulties. The GP wanted to give him medication to mask the symptoms, but I felt uncomfortable with that approach/…/ Finding Beata was such a blessing /…/ I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have any doubt about trying something new, I would urge you to contact her and give it a try. It really changed things for my family

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