The Puja

We invite you to come and experience a special night of Sound Healing / Meditation - the Gong Puja.

The Gong Puja lasts about seven and a half hours , which is the equivalent of ten 45-minute Gong Baths.

You will be immersed in the gentle sound of the gongs , giving your body the opportunity to enter a deep state of relaxation. The vibrations will wash over you, unblocking, cleansing and freeing you from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

During the Puja, you will lie down, meditate and sleep, or you may choose to stay awake or drift in and out of sleep throughout the night as the sound of the gongs gently wash over you.

We invite you to join us at 9pm and bring some vegetarian food made with love to share with others in the morning.
Come with an open heart, hugs and smiles, ready to join the puja and together create a beautiful, loving, sharing experience. The Puja will start at 10 pm.

Dress in loose , comfortable clothing (preferably white). Bring your sleeping bag, pillows and a slim foam mattress - whatever you need to be comfortable and warm.

The Puja will finish about sunrise and you are welcome to stay and share your experience, before leaving about at 7.30am.

Playing gongs at a low level continuously for about 7.5 hours will take you on a "journey to the world of live sound, the dimension of primal, conscious sleep and time out of time ...".

To secure your place with us, please pay on the day of booking.
Places for the Puja are limited and we expect this event to sell out fast.

The cost for this event is £50 per person which is non-refundable.

Beata and Jarek Dzwigol are sound therapists trained by Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Tom Solton and Abby Del Sol and offer group and one-to-one sessions.
They are frequently invited to play in yoga studios and at private events.



Miles Green Farm, The Bisley Yurt
Queens Road 
GU24 9AR 

Dates: Friday 9pm - 7am: 16th November, 28th December 2018, 22nd March 2019 Spring Equinox 2019




Old Acton Library
Acton High Street  
W3 6 London

Dates: Saturday 9.30pm - 7am: 2nd February 2019

Please, before any event contact us to book your place at or call on 07935 651585. Places are limited.