Take the opportunity to become a Reiki Practitioner

We would love to invite you to Reiki Courses Levels 1 and 2 with two Reiki MasterTeachers.

  Reiki is the life force energy
It is an ancient method of healing for everybody
Reiki is beyond all religions
Reiki is a simple philosophy of life

Why learn Reiki?

Giving Reiki therapy - you achieve a state of happiness.
By learning Reiki - you help yourself and others.
Healing through Reiki - you radiate love, through Reiki you give love to others and receive love from others.

Reiki can regulate the work of glands and internal organs and aligns the chakras' energy.
Scientific studies have shown that Reiki treatments can reduce pain levels, remove the signs of sickness, discomfort and stress , and cancel out depression , giving a feeling of harmony, peace, growth, inner strength and the joy of existence.

Reiki is personal and holistic. It helps people become whole. As people become whole, so they become well. More often than not the healing can be seen and felt in the body, and the symptoms ease or disappear. Sometimes the body does not get well, yet even so a profound healing occurs. A lifetime becomes complete.
“Reiki is primarily perceived as a practice for healing the mind and spirit. Ultimately, Reiki has the power to reunite the trinity of Mind-Body-Spirit in their optimal state of harmony” Don Alexander

How to prepare for your Reiki Course

This preparation should bring your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements into balance during the week before your attunement.

Therefore, before starting the course you should try to follow this advice:

AFTER THE COURSE: it’s a good idea to clear your schedule for the rest of the day.

We require that all students experience a minimum 1hour Reiki session before they start their Level I Reiki Course.

If you are a Level I Practitioner who is interested in advancing your practice to Level II we suggest you take a few minutes every day to give yourself a Reiki treatment in the week leading up to the course.

I Level:  09.00am - 02.00pm Cost £200
II Level: 03.00pm - 08.00pm Cost £240

To book your place on a course, a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required
Due to space, places are LIMITED

We offer one course at a time. We do not deliver both levels of Reiki during the same weekend.
For all bookings contact; Beata 07731 673 759 or Jarek 07935 651 585
Your Reiki day will be a very special, spiritual experience which you will remember forever.


I Feel Good Therapy Clinic
Percy Rd

13-14th October, 8-9th December 2018