Cranio-Sacral Therapy

(CST) is a very subtle and natural form of treatment, which has an extremely strong power to restore the balance of the entire system in which the human-being functions. It leads to the reintegration of body, mind and emotions. This therapy engages with the deepest immanent forces of nature, thanks to which we all are alive. It allows us to supplement our natural resources and support the body in self-healing.
Every illness, trauma and stress weaken us and our autoregenerative abilities - cranio-sacral therapy can reach and harness hidden resource to help us.

During the treatment you remain fully dressed. The therapist can touch your cranium or sacrum or the other parts of your body. Sometimes there may be no touch at all, the therapist works off-body. All processes are very pleasurable and put you into a profound state of relaxation.

Cranio-sacral therapy is suitable and beneficial for people of all ages. Especially recommended for babies (colic, ear infections), pregnant women (stimulates proper fetal development, improves the mother's overall condition)  and after giving a birth (helps to restore hormonal balance and reduces other effects of labour).
It is successful in many emotional issues, such as all kinds of trauma, stress-related symptoms, unresolved grief, anger, insomnia, depression, anxiety, neurosis, psychosis, autism, problems with concentration, personality disorders, hyperactivity in children and in adults and  dyslexia.

Conditions connected with past injuries may be released through cranio-sacral treatment.

CST can be successfully used for: aches and pains, asthma (deepens breathing), back pain, chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia, many neurological cases, psychosomatic symptoms, tinnitus, headaches and dizziness, migraines, problems with eyesight and hearing, recurrent ear infections in children and adults, sinusitis, tension and pain in the mandibular joint, dislocation of the jaw, speech defects, teeth-grinding, malocclusion, root inflammation, sciatica, scoliosis, post-traumatic and post-partum injuries, painful shoulder tension, post-traumatic spinal curvature, unidentified abdominal pain, Meniere's disease, circulatory disorders and lymphatic system functioning.