Massage & Acupressure

More Than Relaxation

"The health and wellness benefits that massage offers are more abundant than once thought. Emerging research points to a growing list of advantages that range far wider than simple anxiety, tension and pain relief.
One of the most interesting benefits uncovered is a possible link to improved immunity.
Studies have shown that those who receive regular massage have lower cortisol levels in their saliva. Cortisol is the "stress" hormone, and it is linked to a lower immune function.
Studies have indicated that regular massage brings health and wellbeing to our life.”

How Our Massages can help you?

Our massages are both affordable and can be effective for symptoms such as:
back pain, sciatica, headaches, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, muscle tension, limited motion in the joints, emotional disorders (chronic sadness, depression, anger, fear, anxiety etc), well-being and more.

Quality is extremely important to us and we do everything possible to ensure that our clients receive only the best treatments using

QTM - Quantum Therapeutic Massage

a combination of several techniques which have been developed in order for each client to benefit from it in every possible way.

QTM is performed by using long strokes on the body with hands and forearms which generates energy flow on the skin of the person being massaged. These movements are also very pleasant to experience while being massaged. The energy developed by QTM goes deep into the body (similar to deep tissue massage), but is not tiring or uncomfortable for the client.

During the massage a therapist uses Reiki universal healing energy as he would in a Reiki treatment. This brings a deep sense of relaxation and healing to the entire body.

Another aspect of this massage is the use of Vietnamese acupressure to start the flow of Chi (Ki or Prana) energy in the body where there are energy blocks.
This technique opens the energy flow in the meridians by which the body harmonises and returns to its original balanced state.

You might feel deeply relaxed and sleepy after such a massage; however this is only the initial effect.

When this stage passes you will feel energised and powerful not only within the body but within the mind. Your views of the world may change in a very positive way and you may have a feeling that everything is possible.

To make this all possible, long lasting and to gain maximum benefit it would be advisable to attend a series of massages of at least one per week for a period of 6 weeks followed by 3 more massages at fortnightly intervals. A monthly QTM massage is recommended for maintenance.

This should make you feel happy, upbeat and healthier than before.
This massage is a great addition to other forms of activity such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Kung.
60 minutes


Inner Balance Massage

exclusive re-balancing massage which can help you relax, energise, de-stress and rejuvenate with 90 min of a unique range of powerful combinations of holistic techniques.

Inner Balance is a gentle but powerful combination of holistic techniques which will allow you to free yourself from every day stress, energise and regain harmony with yourself. During the treatment you will experience Reiki, gentle Acupressure, Massage and Reflexology.
INNER BALANCE can help you restore, boost your energy and balance your body, mind and spirit.

Cancer patients find the treatment particularly beneficial. Inner Balance doesn’t claim to cure cancer but helps to deal with daily challenges.

Inner Balance massage helps to balance and regulate internal organs and endocrine glands while nourishing and replenishing the central nervous system. It’s based on treating the outside to in order to harmonize the inside. Blockages are unblocked and the treatment allows the flow of energy preventing sicknesses, anxiety, long term stress and depression. Blockage of Qi energy stops our bodies functioning properly which are why renewing energy flows guarantees a long and healthy life.
90 minutes

Indian Head Massage

is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.
Healing and peaceful but firm massage with gentle acupressure points on the scalp, neck, arms, shoulders, ears and face creates deep relaxation and wellbeing.

IHM can be used to:
reduce stress, decrease anxiety, relieve eyestrain, relieve insomnia, calm headaches, relax muscles, relax and tone facial muscles stimulate the hair and scalp.

During the massage, the client maybe in a sitting or lying position, either fully clothed or top off. The therapist will then stand or sit behind to provide the treatment. Indian Head massage can be used with other therapies.
60 minutes