Spiritual Healing

Jarek’s Spiritual Healing session is unlike any other.
During the time spent with him different aspects of your life are discussed, creating the opportunity for a new karmic age to begin where returns for our good and not so good deeds manifest soon after they happen.

Jarek will not tell an individual when or how to go about a particular life dilemma, but rather gently encourages them to take a path in life which is most suitable and beneficial for that person. Jarek is a therapist who gives his complete attention throughout a session, restoring and helping the client in front of him. However, he is not a miracle-worker, because ultimately everything comes down to a client’s willingness to work on him/herself.

It is only through knowing that we can achieve a higher state of well-being in this lifetime. Through spiritual healing many people find themselves in a better place in life and greater fortune in everything they are doing.

During these treatments Jarek uses Royal Reading cards and Rune stones.
He is able to perceive energy which greatly helps him in his work. Additionally he is a Reiki Master Teacher and often uses this tool to help shift unwanted emotions and energy which can be a reason as to why we might feel stuck in our lives.