Vacuflex Concept™

Modern Reflexology and Meridian Therapy

use of modern technology, but without losing the human touch

If you fancy the idea of acupuncture but don't like needles, then Vacuflex could be just for you. Powerful therapy which works in such a way as to awaken the body to maximize the process of self-healing by joining two ancient healing techniques:

According to acupuncture theory, illness arises from blockages in energy flow. Vacuflex stimulates the body’s energy flow to promote healing and well-being.


Modern Reflexology uses specially designed reflexology boots, which replace reflexology by hand. The boots stimulate all the reflex zones at the same time and will leave a “map of colours” on your feet which can show us what is going on inside the body. 6 minutes at a pressure consistent with the patient’s comfort zone is equivalent to over an hour of manual hand reflexology!

Meridian Therapy uses silicon suction pads which are applied to the various meridian points (energy lines) along sections of the feet, legs, arms and hands. As soon as pressure is exerted on the acupuncture point, a vibration is created which runs through that particular meridian and disperses any molecules that are sticking together and causing a blockage in the energy flow along the pathway.

Although Reflexology and Acupuncture are effective as separate therapies, practical experience has shown that when balancing the acupuncture meridians in conjunction with foot reflexology, the result is faster normalisation and healing throughout the body.

Vacuflex is generally considered to be a safe and effective treatment for all.
This special equipment can be very effective in bringing balance to the body, removing toxins and stress from the body.


  • hormonal balance
  • pain relief
  • muscles relaxation
  • body restoration after a stroke
  • quick twisted ankles regeneration
  • balancing energy flow in the body
  • nervous system calming (anxiety, depression)
  • deep relaxation and rejuvenation
  • energy boosting
  • detoxification


  • menopausal hot flushes
  • MS - Multiple Sclerosis
  • ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
  • back pain and other types of pain
  • intestinal diseases (Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea etc)
  • headaches, migraines
  • lack of energy
  • stuck energy
  • skin disease
  • breathing disorders
  • boosting fertility
  • stress, anxiety, depression
  • female disease (PMS, heavy period)
  • foggy or busy brain
  • poor memory and concentration disorders
  • convalescence
  • blocked energy in meridians
  • prevention – prevention is better than cure


  • First few weeks after surgery
  • Heart failure
  • Vein blood clots
  • Big varicose veins
  • DVT


A basic understanding of the meridians can help therapists understand the disease pathways and assist them in pinpointing problem areas. The energy running through these meridians is called Qi. This energy is derived from the food we eat and the air we breathe, and is considered to be “the root of life”, the vital energy within the body that nourishes body and mind. A healthy diet, exercise, healthy breathing, good posture and limited stress will maximise Qi and ensure a healthy individual. A poor diet, lack of exercise, poor breathing, poor posture and high levels of stress will deplete Qi, causing imbalances within the system that may ultimately result in disease.


Miss C from Isle of Sheppey, aged 46

Severe lower back pain for nearly 10 months which was not due to any injury. GP told her that she would have to live with the pain. Physiotherapy did not help. After 2 treatments pain totally ceased. She has had no recurrence since.

Mr T from Isle of Sheppey, aged 50

Diagnosed by his GP as having a whiplash injury. One treatment gave total relief.

Mr T from London, aged 32

Stiff neck with headache starting in neck, lower back pain when lifting. Eyes tired, eyeballs twitch spasmodically, dermatitis, tinnitus in left ear, heartburn, loose stools, stomach pains. Sore red patches on cheeks and forehead, very tired especially during the last six months. At 2nd treatment reported headaches, feeling tired, very shaky, eyes very sore and tired. Flashing lights improved, neck sore. No heartburn, stomach improved. Skin worse, lower back improved, sleeping more deeply. At 3rd treatment no headaches, not as tired, no shaking, eyes fine, neck fine, bowels improved, skin a great deal better, lower back improved. By 5th treatment able to run again, very calm, energy good, aches and pains gone, concentration improved.

Mr S from London, aged 56

Pain in lower back for 10 years, unable to straighten after sitting. Tried numerous therapies without finding relief. Fibrosis’s in left shoulder twenty years ago not causing current problem. Two pulmonary emboli twenty and ten years ago. Sleeping badly. At the end of first treatment considerable relief of back pain. At second treatment reported back pain nearly gone, twinges in left shoulder, sleeping greatly improved. At sixth treatment reported all pain gone and sleeping well. Great energy.

Mrs P from Essex, aged 53

Extreme pains in lower back, especially at night which prevented sleep. Pain started in lumbar region, spread up spine to shoulders, unable to turn over in bed. Stiff neck and shoulders, arthritis in knees, heavy painful legs, swollen ankles and feet, stiff hands and fingers. Water retention and overweight since childhood, tension headaches, eyes sensitive to light and sore, constipation and weak bladder. Very tired. At 2nd treatment reported loss of 1lb, had headache once, neck and shoulders painful on left side, slept better but back still painful during day, knees improved to point where kneeling possible, hands and fingers stiff, more energy. At 3rd treatment lost further 2 lb, more energy, no headaches, eyes less red, neck and shoulders improved and sleep much improved. General improvement but roving aches and pains until 9th treatment when eyes were clear, no discomfort or redness, legs and feet comfortable with no swelling, further 8 lb weight loss, shoulders and neck easier. For first time in years sleeping all night, more supple, more energy.


“Therapist Fiona Slatter trained in her 'art' after undergoing the treatment herself when conventional medicine failed to help with a recurring back problem she acquired while working as a chef. She now combines it with dietary advice that even I was able to stick to, because what she said made sense.

The first session takes an hour. Fiona wiped my feet with antiseptic lotion before putting plastic bags under one-size- fits-all felt boots. Larger plastic bags were then placed over these and sealed with elasticised bandages. The air was then sucked out for ten minutes. The pressure that built up around my feet was noticeable, but not uncomfortable.

When the boots are removed Fiona is able to diagnose problem areas by 'reading' the resulting coloration on the soles of your feet, which varies from red to white to purple.

Working in the same way as acupuncture, with parts of your feet corresponding to parts of your body, it's spookily accurate.

Reddish patches on my ankles indicated I had low blood sugar. Mini suction pads were then placed on the relevant acupressure points to help unblock what what Eastern medicine describes as 'meridian' or energy lines, allowing vital nutrients to get through. Fiona then followed that up with dietary advice. Despite keeping fit.

I admitted to eating sporadically to keep my weight down. I also have poor sleep patterns, heavy periods, occasional thrush and cystitis, increasingly puffy knees, the odd spot and, along with the entire population of 21st-century Britain, varying degrees of stress.

After the diagnosis and nine half-hour treatments, I'm a new woman: I haven't had as much quality sleep since before my children were born. I've also stopped bingeing.

I now eat little and often, and avoid eating carbohydrates and proteins at the same meal with the result that I've maintained my weight without the constant 'highs' of starving and 'lows' of pigging out. My periods seem to have eased beyond all recognition.

I also have the clearest skin I've had since before puberty and am so far untroubled by thrush and cystitis.

Further to that, my creaking knees have improved no end. I was impressed with the treatment - and so, too, are many others. Patients range from children with eczema to footballers with repetitive injuries and pensioners with arthritis.

Fiona has also had success with migraine sufferers and women on IVF treatment. A maintenance programme is usually advised but some problems can be sorted in just one or two sessions”.

More info about Vacuflex Concept™ you can find on The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy’s webite by Ingue Dougans
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